We pride ourselves in developing custom software solutions that help our clients in whatever they need.

Logan Young Software operates as a Trading As under the DEY Services cc umbrella of companies and officially opened for business in 2013. Our founder, Logan Young, started developing software in his teens during a high school course and became enchanted with the creativity involved in making websites. This drove him to learn more and more about website development and programming.

He started developing software on a freelance basis in 2003 and for the next 10 years continued teaching himself while looking for work as a developer in an established business.

It was after his fourth professional job that he started the business.

What We're About

Knowing that it isn't easy to start a new business, we've made the main goal of our business to help you grow yours. Our software services are specially designed to take away the pain that you have in your business, and free you up to focus more on growing your business and becoming successful.