Service Packages

NOTE: Most services are conducted as and when needed.
All packages offer a certain number of hours per month and are priced accordingly.



Includes domain registration, DNS setup, email, FTP and creation of your website on the server.


Specifically content updates. We don't develop your content for you; we just place it on your website. You're still going to have to send us the new updates.
See a guide for content updates.

Web Design

Web design involves manipulating the look and feel of your website. Typically, we'll start you off with a design that we think will best suit your needs, but after that, its up to you to come forward with changes when you want them. We don't actively change clients websites from day to day without requests to do so.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves adherence to specific rules that, when properly followed in the structure of the website, should allow the website to appear higher in search results on Google and other search engines. When we design the website, we do our best to follow these rules whether your package includes SEO or not.

Google Adwords

We manage your google adwords; monitoring and updating them regularly to make sure that users who are searching for products and services similar to the ones you offer are seeing ads for your website in their results.


Typically development of your custom software solution. This is what we do best. We'll meet with you to determine what your needs are and how best to achieve your goals, then we'll put together a project plan to give you an idea of how long it'll take to complete the project and what it'll cost you.
NOTE: Development is included in packages but is billed separately from the package.

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The following table indicates normal pricing for packages without any discounts applied.

Code Package Name Hours Price Setup Content Web Design SEO Google Adwords Development
RTN Retainer 24 R 10 000,00
STDP Standard Plus 10 R 4 700,00
STD Standard 8 R 4 000,00
BSC Basic 3 R 1 600,00

Affiliate Program

Word of mouth sells best and that's why we're starting an affiliate program.
Whether you pay for your services by debit order or any other method, we invite you to tell people about us.

Customers who participate in our affiliate program will have their monthly bill discounted by 20% every month they bring a new client to use our services. There's also no sign up needed. We just need the new client to tell us that you referred them and you'll get that discount.

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